Venetian Plasters

Interior designers and architects have fallen in love with Venetian polished plastersand recognize it as a choice of decoration as an alternative to today’s repetitive off the shelf look.

What to expect?
From us you can expect customer service, quality workmanship, fair business practice and getting the job done in a safe and timely manner. We look forward to projects that are unique, out of the ordinary, and that challenge our skills. We have been challenged on numerous occasions, which has raised our own bar to satisfy our customers on all projects and has given us a very high reputation in our industry.
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Venetian Plaster is truly the most beautiful and versatile decorative wall finish in the world.

Setting the standards in Venetian polished plastering, our artisans are professional, friendly and highly skilled in applying these truly unique and luxurious finishes to both private and commercial clients. We are extremely dedicated, passionate and take great pleasure in talking with our clients about their requirements and aspirations. With extensive experience working throughout The Hamptons and New York, you can be rest assured of a superior quality finish. Our understanding of traditional Venetian polished plaster enables us to give the correct advice and direction needed during a project.
Venetian Stucco is a decorative effect available in a wide variety of colors. When applied using the correct method, it can be used to successfully imitate marble slabs with different finishes: satin (natural), glossy (polished) and intensive gloss (polished and waxed).
The perfectly smooth, shiny surface of Venetian Stucco reflects light, and creates depth and the effect of color hues blending with each other which forms an impressive decoration of walls and architectural details indoors.
We have a large selection of Venetian and decorative plaster finishes. Our finishes range from the medium marble grain marmorino Carrara to the natural stone of Travertine. These finishes can be personalized from old world stucco, weathered or distressed, pitted and dragged and can be further enhanced using our color washes and metallic waxes.
Our Spatulata finish is our premium flagship finish. It is pure luxury and very smooth to touch. Spatulata polished plaster has a high marble like aspect with an intriguing pattern. Its finish appears highly reflective and shines like polished glass.
Interior designers and architects have fallen in love with Venetian polished plasters and recognize it as a choice of decoration and as an alternative to today’s repetitive off the shelf look.

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